Our Helicopters

From the EC135 (latest generation helicopter) to the Robinson RH22 (best-selling helicopter in the world), we have chosen to assemble a varied fleet to respond in the most efficient way to all your requirements. All our helicopters are maintained in an approved workshop and approved by the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (French Civil Aviation Authority).


The Robinson RH22 is the world’s best-selling helicopter. This marvellous machine has evolved with the times and is now known to all for its manoeuvrability and performance. With its exceptional quality/price ratio, the Robinson R22 is ideal for helicopter pilot training.


– Number of people: 1 pilot + 1 passenger
– Cruising speed: 80 kts
– Maximum mass: 621 kg
– Fuselage length: 8.90 m
– Height: 2.67 m
– Width 1.12 m
– Lycoming engine: 0-360-J2A
– Power: 145 horsepower


The Robinson R44 has really changed the world of helicopters. With its four seats and performance worthy of a turbine helicopter, it is still the most versatile helicopter on the market. Efficient and comfortable, it allows you to train as a pilot and also to travel in ideal conditions.


– Number of people; 1 pilot + 3 passengers
– Cruising speed: 100 kts
– Maximum mass: 1,134 kg
– Fuselage length: 11.76 m
– Height: 3.27 m
– Width: 1.28 m
– Engine: IO 540 AE1 A5
– Power: 260 horsepower


With such performance, it is only natural that the AS350 is used worldwide. From the treasure map on France 2 to the Las Vegas police force, this machine has really left its mark on the world of revolving blades. We make it available to you for all your travel needs and all your aerial work.


– Number of people: 1 pilot + 5 passengers
– Cruising speed: 110 kts
– Maximum mass: 2,250 kg
– Fuselage length: 12.94 m
– Height: 3.14 m
– Width: 2.53 m
– Engine: 1 ARRIEL 1D1 turboshaft engine
– Power: 710 horsepower

EC 135


– Number of people: 1 pilot + 6 passengers
– Cruising speed: 125 kts
– Maximum mass: 2,720 kg
– Fuselage length: 10 m 20 cm
– Height: 3 m 51 cm
– Width: 2 m
– Engine: 2 Arrius 2B
– Power: 2 × 816 hp